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A city of refuge is a place where a man, usually a sinner, could claim the right of asylum.


The location of the city is of no importance. The important fact is the history of the place. It is inhabited since ancient times and it was a land of opportunity, and transformation. It still remains as such.


The buildings presented here represent an armor, a castle, but in a sense of a social armor that we humans try to build around us.


The building in the city center resembles the ones that surround it. Their identities the same.

Change of dreams, a sense of no fulfillment, adaptation, hope.

This piece of work is just a whisper. Maybe the inception of an inner dialogue.


What do we do when all safety measures fail?


[Do we run to a city of refuge?]







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City of Refuge edited by Pavlos Fysakis


Harry Kakoulidis